FAQ & Customer Reviews

Q: How long will an oil last? 
A: Depending on the quality of the oil, it can last at least 2-3 days.

Q: How many drops & where do I put the oil? 
A: 1-2 drops directly on one of the lava stones. 

Q: Can I switch oils on the same bracelet? 
A: YES. Usually our bodies do not jump that quickly in what we “crave.” Many oils blend nicely together. 

Q: How do I choose a size? 
A: Children ages 5-10 typically are a size child, teens through young adults are usually a small, many women are a medium, men vary between large and XL. You can alternatively measure your wrist. Child = 5.5”, SM = 6”, M = 6.5”, L = 7”, XL = 7.5”

Q: Do the bracelets come with an oil on them? 
A: No. You are able to select which oils your body wants, needs. 

Q: Are all oils ok to wear topically? 
A: Some oils are considered “hot” use with caution. 




Joe "What a great company and incredible bracelets! If you love essential oils and recognize how incredible they can be to your life and health...You have to get one of these!" 

Samantha "I ordered my bracelet and had pretty specific wishes on what it would look like ... I could not be more proud to wear it! It was neatly packaged and the bracelet itself is stunning." 

Jennifer "The bracelets are super cute and functional. I always get compliments on them, plus they hold their scent for a long time!"

Andrea "Love my bracelet! It's made well, looks cute and the oils last SO long on the lava rocks."

Tony "Shoutout to Ashes2Joy for my new bracelet 🔥💯🔥 stop playing with my swag🫣🫣🫣"