Wear Your Oils

Essential oils, a powerful way to make a statement & support your body's health!

The Elevated Collection

The Elevated Collection pairs an aromatherapy bracelet with meaning from Scripture. When you #wearyouroils you create a link between the scent & a verse.

Introducing "HOPE"

In scripture, Revelation 21:19 describes 12 stones used to decorate each layer of the foundation in the New Holy City.

As described with walls on the east, north, south and west the bracelet is separated into 4 parts with either a lava rock or a gold gem bead (a reminder of the gold in the new city.)

The Old Testament in Exodus 39:10-13 describe the same stones to be used in the breast piece that the priests would wear.

Each of the stones served as a reminder of God's promise to lead them from Egypt to the Promised Land.

We too have HOPE! Whatever enslaved, dry place you're in, that is not the end.

As you wear this bracelet may you be reminded of:

- God's power, His presence, and His faithfulness. The HOPE that is ahead.

What are aromatherapy bracelets?