The year that began with a BANG

Not Chapter 2, but somewhere in the middle. I’m not sure exactly where this story “should belong,” but I do know it’s part of the story you should know. Essential oils in the very essence of their molecular makeup are essential. They begin by being essential to the plant and have been studied for decades to now know they are also essential to humans as well.

The word essential has grown in popularity over the last few years. By definition it means something that is vital, crucial, needed, required.

So, while I began using EO’s out of a desire to support our family in more natural, safe ways, it was 2019 when a few specific oils became ESSENTIAL in my personal life.

I wanted to start the year off with a BANG. How many of you have ever had BIG plans for a new year? Mine was to simply do more with the kiddos. Say yes more often. In the garage finishing a project, I leaned to the left to turn off the table saw after cutting the final board for a doll table. The next thing I felt was a BANG to my face and my hand immediately gripping my cheek. Unsure of if my cheek was even there, I went inside to get help.

Lavender was the only oil I had brought with me that weekend, as family was just becoming used to the idea that not all “smells” would aggravate their respiratory systems. “Oh this is going to be bad. It’s definitely going to bruise and swell up.” Inside I just smiled… this was going to be an opportunity to show how my oils really did what they say they can do.

Over the next three months, I applied multiple times a day a face serum with all the skin supporting oils I could find. Not only did my cheek fully heal, but it never swelled or turn funky colors. This is MY story. I can’t tell you exactly what oils will do for you. I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or treat any bodily concerns. Always, consult your doctor when you feel that is the best route. For me, in this situation, my experience and knowledge of oils definitely came in handy.

Why, do I share this story on a page that encourages wearing your oils? Because not everyone feels comfortable using oils topically, yet. 😉 Wearing your oils is an easy way to transition. Begin with lavender. It’s amazing topically, it supports our body in a multitude of ways. Check out this blog to learn more.

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