Chapter 1

In 2015 essential oils were becoming more and more heard about in our area. I was not new to them, as my earliest memory was with my mom, eucalyptus and my bunny. A story for another chapter. 

A common item in nurseries is to have a humidifier of some sort. We had loved this super cute elephant our middle kiddo had, but the inside was always getting moldy, and even with consistent cleaning, I knew this wasn't healthy to breathe.  

When the sniffle and runny nose season began to hit our home, I had had enough. The "trusted" product for kiddos had been recalled from the stores and I needed something I could:

  • read the ingredients
  • didn't have to worry about a long list of warnings/side-effects
  • know it would fit the symptoms

I have now learned to support our body from the inside out. The symptoms are our bodies warning system that something is off. 

The chapter of worrying, of being left with expired products & inconvenient trips to the store are a thing of the past.  

With one yes, we replaced the elephant with a diffuser (now he has Feather the Owl), and amazing smelling products that work therapeutically supporting, promoting and maintaining our body.

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