Wearing Oils as "perfume or cologne"

Let the happy dances begin. So many companies are making moves to offer products that contain fewer unnecessary ingredients and becoming more transparent with their ingredients.

If this makes your heart happy, you are in the right place! At the heart of Ashes2Joy, we want to help individuals move to a place from unhealth physically, spiritually and emotionally to a place of joy. Our main way of helping support you in that journey is by #wearingyouroils.

We are often asked, what oils do you suggest. For those of you who are oil fanatics already, chime in below in the comments and let us know your favorites.

I typically like to ask a few questions. Is there a body system you would like to support: immune, respiratory, emotions? When you think about wearing an oil as your perfume or cologne do you reach for more: floral, woodsy, spicy, refreshing, citrus or vibrant? I use those answers to help direct my purchase.

As we consider removing products from our home that do more damage to our body than supporting our health, perfumes and colognes can be one of the 1st to #ditchandswitch. In a country where few ingredients are banned and little concern for the consumers health is considered in the production of products, you can rest assured that it is possible to promote your health and smell amazing at the same time.  

These are a few of our favorite oils to wear. #bergamot #abundance #frankincense #joy #lavender #kidpower #valor #peace&calming #stressaway #patchoulli #ylangylang #sandalwood

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Interested in learning more about ways to bring safe products into your home? Check out these options. Read the blog Summer Sunshine before wearing citrus oils outside.

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