Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine. Two of my favorite words. Combine Essential oils and we have 3 of my favorites together but today’s blog comes with a WARNING. Yes, we are all about #wearingyouroils. We are also about sun safety.

Some essential oils are photosensitive. What makes them this way? Essential Oils are made up of 14 different types of constituents. One of those is Furanoids. This component makes those oils more sensitive to the sun and can cause a reaction or irritation. How do you know if your oils are safe to wear outside? With the brand I recommend, the oils are labeled if you should take caution before wearing them outside. An initial rule of thumb is to not wear citrus oils as they tend to contain this component. 

What if I forget? You are not alone. I wore my favorite oil in the Texas summer heat and was left with a mark a little larger than a quarter that looked like a bruise. I knew I had “burnt” my wrist. As crazy at is sounds, reach for your oils to promote skin health again. Grab lavender and frankincense and a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Apply often, even several times a day. Trust your body. Enjoy the summer. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy your oils. Enjoy safely.


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